Daniel Hardee

Dan Hardee has been my legal counselor for going on three years now. To say he has done an excellent job is an understatement. I have consistently been provided straightforward, sound, and practical legal advice. He values honesty and is truly invested in his clients. Dan is both knowledgeable and experienced which has been evident through the various issues he has helped me navigate regarding changing the custody arrangement for my child. The results of my custody case due to his guidance and expertise was better than satisfactory. My child's life is forever changed for the better. I now have the majority of time with my child and can provide the stability he deserves. Additionally, Brandi (Dan's paralegal), was also instrumental through my custody case. She delivered timely responses and information or documentation. Brandi is organized and accurate in her work. Working with Dan, Brandi and Team has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend their services.


Dan and his team have helped me a couple of times and each time, Dan has couched me to a reasonable settlement. Dan’s background, reputation and knowledge in family law is spectacular. If you are in need of a fine family law attorney, Dan is a great choice.


Dan and his staff are the best around! They genuinely care about helping their clients in a way I’ve never experienced. They make you feel like family, and there is no one else I’d rather have in my corner! You can’t find better representation! Thank you Dan!


Dan is a great lawyer, personable, friendly and will give you case the attention it deserves.


David Kracke

I've worked with a few different attorneys and the contrast is stark. David makes things happen and I believe it's because the genuine care he has for making a great case. He's not just going through the motions, he's doing work that he's proud of.


David has represented me through two custody modifications and both times he did an amazing and thorough job. He communicated with me through the whole process and made sure that I was well informed and prepared every step of the way. I was extremely happy with David and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney!


I can’t thank this man enough. He did more than what I could have ever expected. I got my life back and he was able to bring truth to a world of chaos. Even through an extremely frustrating and stressful process that took over a year, David showed just as much effort from beginning to end and I always felt like I was being taken care of. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Thank you David


This is the first review I have done in my life. A well-earned and standing ovation, I am giving. After a year and a half, it is well deserved. This firm has surpassed all my expectations! From the secretary to the paralegal to partners at this firm. David Kracke has my utmost respect. Every time, a situation I feared would end in tragedy. He has been there! From guardianship to custody, they were there every step with me. I cannot say enough good things, about this law firm. Mostly, thank you.


Gregory Hardee

Greg is amazing, efficient, caring, and helpful. He will work hard and is great about staying in contact to let you know how things are going. He tries to get things solved as quick and efficiently as possible. I have used him 3 times and gotten what I needed every time. He is a family man and really takes his cases to heart. I would recommend Greg to any of my friends and family.


Greg is awesome! He fought my custody battle against my ex dead beat dad and we won the case. He was there for me in an exceptionally hard time in my life not only as my attorney but as a friend. Over the years I've had weird situations arise and he’s always been there to direct me with the best legal advice. I swear half the times I went in for consultations he said I literally had nothing to worry about, and he was always right 100% of the time. I would recommend him to anyone needing a family law lawyer! Thank you Greg!!!


Like all custody cases, my case was extremely difficult and emotional. Greg advised us based on his extensive experience in Idaho's family courts but was willing to argue aggressively when the approach I wanted fell outside of the norm. He is compassionate and genuinely cares about our family.


Jake Hardee

If you feel like your situation is completely beyond help, then I cannot stress this enough- GO TO JAKE. I have been trapped in an abusive marriage, and everywhere I went people were telling me I had no option but to leave him with everything and get out of there. When your abuser is home 24/7, we know how impossible that is. No one felt on my side or even tried to work with me until I found Jake and his team. They went beyond the extra mile for me. Within weeks I was able to have my abusive partner removed while I safely packed my things to leave. I officially got divorced without needing to see him, and I was still able to keep my respective rights to our property. I spent MONTHS trying to find excuses to leave the house to get these things done with other people until Jake ended that horrible cycle and got me taken care of in relatively NO time. Seriously, if Jake can help me, he can help you. No other Attorney I tried wanted to touch my case, but Jake was my hero, and NO ONE I know has said that about ANY attorney! I am indebted to him for saving me!


I contacted Jake when my previous counsel had left both myself and my child in an incredibly difficult situation. We were only 2 months out from Trial but Jake agreed to take on my case. He is incredibly professional and is an expert in his field. He has gone above and beyond to communicate and represent our case and we were rewarded with the best case scenario for my child. I went from being a nervous wreck before each hearing to feeling completely calm due to Jake's expertise and the time he put into preparing me for each hearing. I am so grateful for Jake and his team and for the time and effort they put into my case. I would recommend him to anyone. You will not regret hiring Jake because you will be represented by a caring, articulate, and professional attorney. Jake is THE BEST!


I found that going through a divorce is very challenging. Not only emotionally but also confusing and frustrating. I was so lucky to receive a referral for Jake Hardee and is team led by Caroline Taing. Jake and Caroline "help my hand" through the process and Jake is extremely knowledgeable and very responsive during this difficult process. Caroline always kept me in the loop and even reached out to me after hours with important information. I not only recommend Jake Hardee but reiterate that you will be VERY well taken care of, and Jake will represent you with empathy and professionalism.


I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the hard work and support that I received from Jake and the entire team at the law firm. From the moment that I contacted the office regarding my case I felt like I was in good hands. This was an extremely contentious guardianship case. The diligence, effort, and time that Jake put into my case allowed for the positive outcome that I received. I always felt like my daughters and I truly mattered and were important.


Joe Harrington

Joe Harrington was my attorney and Caroline Taing is the law firms paralegal. I cannot say enough positive things about Joe and Caroline. From a personal level Joe was very sincere and truly aware of the personal and emotional nature of a family divorce. He took special care to always ask about how our son was doing and he rightfully made sure that there was wise and prudent focus on our son and what was right for him. At the same time he took the time to get to know me at a professional & personal level. From a professional/legal perspective Joe was excellent in making sure all of the legal items where accounted for, prepared, documented and well understood. He was very informative and provided me with excellent insights as to the legal process. He's a fair and understanding young man, who represented me and my son in excellent form. Caroline too was both very sincere from personal level and equally excellent from a professional level. She assisted greatly in making sure I had all the proper documentation in a timely and orderly fashion. She too was always very informative and always available when I had any questions. I am very fortunate to have had both Joe and Caroline as my representation. Excellent legal, personal and professional skills. I highly recommend them both.


Joe is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and motivated attorney. He is prompt with communication, and ethical and honest about what was reasonable to expect regarding the outcome of my custody case. When it became obvious that my ex-husband and I were too far apart on what each of us felt was best for our children and a settlement would not be reached, Joe skillfully prepared my case for trial and thoroughly informed me of what to expect during trial, making the experience much less intimidating. Joe was able to thoroughly understand the difficulty my children were experiencing under the old custody agreement and then compassionately, skillfully, and accurately represent our situation to the judge during the trial. The outcome of my case went overwhelmingly in my favor. My children are safe, happy, and in a stable home environment. I am and will always be immensely grateful to Joe.


Richard Piñol

Rich helped us out on a judgement modification. He is very knowledgeable. I felt like he listened to me and answered any questions I had. Throughout the process I felt like I could trust his recommendations and they were always in the best interest of our family. I would highly recommend him.


Highly recommend Mr. Pinol and his firm. Very efficient and thorough. He made the process smooth and fast. He is one of the best! Always quick to respond and handled everything with integrity. I’m appreciative to have been able to have had him on my case.


Rich was a pinch hitter while Greg was out of town and had little time to prepare for the trial. He did awesome and he was on it. There was no question he knew his way around a trial. I would also rate his mustache (not pictured) a 5 five as well.


I actually changed lawyers midway through my child custody/support case to be able to have Rich represent me. He is amazing at what he does, extremely hard working, and he makes you feel heard which was important to me. Within the first week of having Rich as my lawyer he had done more for my case than my previous lawyer had done for me and my case in 5 months. He not only fought hard for me, but with his knowledge of the law, he was able to get me a better outcome in my case than I was planning for. I highly recommend Rich to anyone who is in need of a child custody/support lawyer.