Filing Contempt of Court in Idaho

After a divorce has been finalized, both parties are expected to follow all the terms outlined in the divorce agreement. If one party fails to do so, the other can take action and motion for them to be held in contempt of court. Examples of violation of court order may include failing to pay child support or alimony, unauthorized custody changes, or failure to comply with property distribution. If your former spouse is committing any of these actions, you are responsible for proving this in court. An attorney will assist you in filing the motion, collecting proof, and proving to the Court that the opposing party has violated the court’s order.

If you are successful in proving contempt, a judge can fine the opposing party or order the party to serve a set amount of jail time. The judge may also award the winning party attorney fees for bringing the contempt action. Our experienced team at Hardee, Piñol & Kracke, PLLC would be happy to help prosecute the opposing party or defend you in a contempt action.

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