Idaho Family Law Settlements

Our firm will always advocate for an expeditious settlement for your family law case. We have experience amicably working with the opposing party and their attorney to negotiate a fair resolution to your case that both parties are content with and that prevents both parties from spending a large amount of money on attorney fees. We love cases where two parties reach an agreement together and contact our firm to help them draft the stipulation and Judgment that accurately reflects their agreement so their family law case can be resolved.

The Idaho courts also encourage both parties to attend mediation at the beginning of their family law case. Mediation sessions have the parties meet with a neutral third party who helps them negotiate a settlement for their case. Hardee, Piñol & Kracke, PLLC prepares their clients for mediation by advising them on how the mediation process works, and by giving them realistic advice on how an Idaho court will likely decide their case based on Idaho’s law and the facts of their case so they can appropriately determine if they are obtaining a fair resolution in mediation, or if they are better off litigating their case outside of mediation.

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No matter the situation, hiring an attorney who specializes in family law is important to review or create a settlement and protect your rights. The language in the document may be complicated and require a deep understanding of Idaho law. Our attorneys at Hardee, Piñol & Kracke, PLLC will work diligently to educate you on Idaho’s law throughout the process and will inform you of the likely result of your case so you can make an educated decision on whether you should settle your case or take it to trial.

Hardee, Piñol & Kracke, PLLC will always advocate for an expeditious resolution of your case, however, if settlement is not possible, the firm will zealously fight for you all the way through trial to obtain a result that you are satisfied with.