Idaho Divorce attorneys

Divorce is an unfortunate reality many couples face and is an incredibly trying time for you and your family. Our top priority is to make sure you arrive at an amicable and timely resolution Your divorce attorney should be experienced in family law and have the dedication and competency needed to benefit your family in a positive way. Our attorneys at Hardee, Piñol & Kracke, PLLC are in your corner and are ready to fight for your needs.

As emotionally draining as divorce is, it also can turn into a complicated legal matter with many decisions to make. Resolutions need to be made regarding shared property, children, and other assets, and when an agreement cannot be made, a divorce is considered “contested”. In this case, a divorce attorney will assist you in all matters such as child custody, visitation, child support, property distribution and division, spousal support or alimony, and attorney fees. Your attorney will educate you on Idaho’s law and will fight for you to achieve your desired result. Our attorneys will consistently communicate with you to ensure that you understand the entire process and feel comfortable with the proceedings.

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